Project Results

Empowering Youth through Innovative Resources


e-Book: Unlocking Youth Potential

The Didactic Mine project is committed to equipping youth workers and educators with a dynamic and comprehensive toolkit to ignite entrepreneurial education and social entrepreneurship in young individuals.

Within this e-book, you’ll discover a treasure trove of 30 engaging didactic activities, tailored to three distinct age groups. These groups encompass kids aged 6 to 11, teenagers aged 12 to 17, and young adults from 18 to 30. Each activity is thoughtfully accompanied by a brief video presentation, featuring diverse trainers and youth workers involved in their creation.

These activities serve as catalysts for young people, fostering the development of crucial life skills, including critical thinking, active citizenship, and ethical decision-making. For teenagers aged 12 to 17, the activities guide them in crafting future plans, unlocking their potential, and building self-awareness. As for older age groups, starting from 18, the activities are meticulously designed to nurture skills and competencies that pave the way for successful entry into the workforce.

Tailored to benefit youth workers, youth organizations, youth leaders, youth centers, and educators alike, this e-book stands as a beacon of support during the pivotal transition from childhood to adulthood.

Interactive Game on Social Entrepreneurship & SDGs: Unlocking Sustainable Solutions

Our interactive game is a powerful tool comprising problem and solution cards intricately linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The objective? Forge connections between these cards, illustrating how collaborative solutions can address complex challenges.

This game serves as a crucible for critical thinking, analysis, and teamwork. It cultivates essential competences such as time management, responsibility, learning agility, social responsibility, strategic planning, effective communication, and more—integral components of entrepreneurial prowess.

Through a series of interconnected activities, participants are brought together to tackle shared issues. The activities outlined on the cards serve as stepping stones, encouraging knowledge exchange and research to identify viable solutions. The game’s ultimate aim is to weave networks among groups of participants, fostering collaborative endeavors towards a shared sustainable goal.

While primarily intended for trainers, youth workers, and youth organizations, this interactive game also offers direct engagement for young individuals, empowering them to be agents of positive change.

Explore these invaluable resources, and embark on a journey of youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and sustainable impact. Unlock the potential within today’s youth, shaping a brighter future for all.