Project Overview

Welcome to the "Didactic Mine of Youth Work," an Erasmus+ initiative committed to fostering sustainable and inclusive economic practices among young individuals. Rooted in the twin pillars of sustainability and inclusivity, this project equips youth workers and learners with valuable tools and resources. Our goal is to empower them to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset while recognizing their role in driving sustainable development.



Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Our first objective is to provide practical, adaptable tools for youth workers and learners, aimed at nurturing entrepreneurial thinking. These resources are designed to be user-friendly, adaptable to diverse target groups, and focused on honing individual capabilities.

Raising awareness for sustainable development

The second objective is to raise awareness about the far-reaching impact of individual actions on communities and the environment. We aim to furnish the youth work and education sectors with knowledge and insights to champion sustainable development effectively.

Supporting capacity building in youth NGOs

Our third objective is to supply versatile instruments adaptable to different target groups and scenarios. These resources are meant to be expandable, enabling users to develop interconnected tools, thereby enhancing the quality and relevance of their activities. The project fosters collaboration with sectors such as business, education, and policy-making.

Promoting Social & Economic Inclusion for All

The fourth objective is to guide young people in their transition from youth to adulthood, promoting social and economic inclusion for all. We provide guidance and training to help them realize their potential. The aim is to equip young individuals with tangible tools for self-direction toward appropriate opportunities, ultimately enhancing their prospects for social and economic inclusion.


The Didactic Mines project consists of several activities that aim to develop innovative educational resources promoting social entrepreneurship and youth participation, and strengthening cross-sectorial cooperation at local, national, and international levels. Here are the main activities:


Output creation & testing

We’re crafting two central outputs—an e-book and an interactive game. These resources deliver tailored educational experiences to youth workers and young people, aligned with their knowledge and interests. Rigorously tested by an international team of youth workers and trainers, as well as local partners, to ensure their quality, relevance, and usability.


Capacity building and training

We’ll host a Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LLTA) that brings together 14 youth workers from partner organizations. This event will equip them with the methodology and project outputs. The LLTA combines theoretical and practical sessions, peer-to-peer learning, and the exchange of best practices.


Dissemination and multiplier events

Our project will develop guidelines for organizing multiplier events, promoting project outputs, entrepreneurial education, and social inclusion values. These events will involve youth workers, young individuals, policy-makers, educators, and stakeholders passionate about fostering social entrepreneurship and youth participation.


Impact evaluation and sustainability

We are committed to evaluating the impact of project outputs and activities on our target groups, partner organizations, and the wider community. Feedback, data, and testimonials from users and participants will drive continuous improvement.