e-Book: Unlocking Youth Potential

Kids Aged: 6 - 11

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Spending Choices Make A Difference!

This activity provides a valuable way to raise awareness about the connection between personal finance decisions and their ecological footprint.

Entrepreneur Mindset Video And Poster

This activity introduces participants to the entrepreneurial mindset by showing a TEDx video about the journey of a young entrepreneur.

What Do Social Enterprises Do?

This activity focuses on understanding and drawing inspiration from successful social enterprises, particularly emphasizing youth entrepreneurship.

Business Model - Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand business idea is a small business venture activity that involves selling lemonade to customers in a local area.

Wacky Inventions Cards

This activity inspires creativity through play and curiosity. By considering two different ordinary objects, players are challenged to combine them into a brand new product.

How To Save The Egg?

The participants, divided into small groups, will have the task of creating a strategy to protect an egg from breaking when it’s dropped from a specific height.


This activity aims to teach participants about entrepreneurship, sustainability and upcycling through the SCAMPER method.

Turning An Idea Into A Business

In this activity the participants will have the chance to reflect on possible ideas for business that they could start.

Social Enterprises Support Sustainability

The participants divided in small teams will have to match the SDGs with the social enterprises presented.

Everyone Can Be A Social Entrepreneur!

Starting from understanding what social problems are, the participants will hear about social entrepreneurs that created successful businesses and finally they will investigate possible ideas for social enterprises that could give answers to a specific problem: a beach full of litter.