Youth Work and Social Entrepreneurship in Rennes

In the period from 10th to 16th of June, the city of Rennes in Bretagne hosted 14 passionate youth workers from Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Serbia, and Turkey. Each pair had the chance to test out activities from the E-book of The Didactic Mine of Youth Work project. During this testing phase, theory met practice dynamically, allowing participants to learn and grow through the trial phase of the activities. This experience transformed us from youth workers to youth educators in the field of social entrepreneurship, enhancing our understanding of entrepreneurial education.

Dynamic Learning Environment

All participants were eager to try out the activities and share them with colleagues. The supportive and inclusive environment in Rennes allowed us to approach each task with less stress and more relaxation. This community support was crucial for absorbing all the elements of each activity and exploring various learning methods from our diverse experiences.

Evaluating and Improving Activities

We identified elements that needed adaptation and improvement and clearly defined the aspects we wanted to retain. Most activities were highly effective, with only a few requiring minor adjustments. This phase facilitated the upgrade process, ensuring that the activities were refined and ready for broader application.

Collaborative Knowledge Exchange

Interacting with other French youth workers and our hosts, François and Fabrice, provided valuable opportunities to exchange knowledge, tips, tricks, and practices from each of our countries. We also gained insights into the state of youth work in different regions of France, enriching our understanding and approach.

Personal Growth and Inspiration

Participating in this project was an enriching experience that contributed significantly to my growth as a youth worker and individual. The knowledge, passion, and practical experience shared among participants were inspiring. This project even motivated me to consider creating my own NGO in Vranje, aimed at helping young people learn new skills, develop their local community, and delve into social entrepreneurship.

Future Prospects and Impact

The Didactic Mine project and its development of the E-book and accompanying board game have made it easier to educate and inspire young people in social entrepreneurship. This initiative has the potential to create lasting impact, empowering youth and fostering community development.