Insights from Corbiz Youth Worker in Training and Testing Phase

The content of the e-book, which includes didactic activities on social entrepreneurship in the Didactical Mine of Youth Work project, has been completed, now it is time to learn the content of the activities in this e-book!

We attended a 5-day training in France to learn and test the activities in the e-book. First of all, we started with the implementation of the “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” activity, which is our responsibility as Corbiz and is thought to have the most suitable content for a start.The sessions then continued with each partner taking turns organizing and leading their session. The sessions that followed were a collaborative effort, with each partner taking the lead in organizing and facilitating activities aligned with their responsibilities. This approach not only diversified the learning experience but also fostered a sense of shared ownership among participants. The dynamic exchange of ideas, perspectives and methodologies has enriched the educational environment and become a true example of the collaborative spirit that underpins such projects. This training course was an enlightening 5-day journey to understand the activities within the scope of the project. The training provided a comprehensive understanding of the activities created by the relationship between social entrepreneurship and youth. From initially grasping the concepts of social entrepreneurship and its relationship to youth work to experiencing a profound shift in perspective, this training course has played a pivotal role in shaping and implementing my understanding.

Evaluations and feedback on participant engagement, use of training materials and the wider impact of the activities were extremely effective and insightful. The effectiveness of the training sessions was evident in thoughtful evaluations and constructive feedback on participant engagement. The use of educational materials was a strategic tool to enhance the learning experience. Beyond the immediate impact on individual participants, the broader impacts of the activities also became apparent as we delved into discussions and collaborative efforts.

This training, organized by Intercultura, one of the project partners, was very enjoyable. Their meticulous planning and execution created an environment where learning was not only productive but also enjoyable. We learned, applied, evaluated, worked and had a lot of fun while doing it. The blend of learning, application, assessment and collaborative working was seamlessly woven into the fabric of each day, making the 5-day journey not only educational but also thoroughly enjoyable.

It was very enjoyable to be a part of this. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Seda Genç

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