Global Bonds, Local Practices: A Tale of Entrepreneurial Discovery

Global Bonds, Local Practices: A Tale of Entrepreneurial Discovery

Now that the book is complete let’s explore its various activities together.

The French team from the association Intercultura had to present two games to the other participants. One was named “Building a Business Plan,” and the other was “Wall Street Simulation” during a 5-day entrepreneurship training in France.

This training in France aimed to test the different activities in the book with a focus on entrepreneurship. Each partner presented distinct games, helping participants learn how to manage and lead an activity while reflecting on their methods. The training enhanced our understanding of the diverse entrepreneurship games in the book. In my case, I have already been in the process of being an entrepreneur since I started creating my association and employing myself. Still, comparing my current practices with those portrayed in the games is enjoyable.

All evaluations and feedback were centred on participant engagement. It was exciting and effective, allowing us to share opinions and feelings. I firmly believe that gamification in learning is a beautiful tool for discussing various topics, and I was pleased that we used this strategy in this project. The training, managed by Intercultura, was well-executed. We also had the opportunity to meet local youth workers involved in another project and compare different realities.

It was an amiable atmosphere, and I had much fun while working. These small moments fostered bonds between us, and the diversity stemming from various cultures in the project allowed me to discover new perspectives.

I am grateful to have been part of this project and want to thank Intercultura and all the partners!

Sokha Bournak