2nd Newsletter of The Project

We are excited to bring you the latest updates from the “Didactic Mine of Youth Work” project. Over the past few months, two significant events have taken place, showcasing the progress achieved.

To refresh your mind, the Didactic Mine project aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among young people in the social field, to support their communities and enhance the quality of development and innovation in youth work. The project is founded on three dimensions: environmental sustainability, diversity of didactic activities, and a digital dimension.

Transnational Meeting in Bilbao:

On the 23-24 of May the transnational meeting in Bilbao (Spain) took place, where project partners gathered to discuss various aspects of the project. The meeting focused on the development of the e-book and the organization of the upcoming educational activities. The partners engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing ideas, and shaping the project’s future directions.

Training Activity in Rennes, France:

We are thrilled to share the highlights of the impactful training activity that took place in Rennes (France) from the 10th of June till the 16th of June. This training activity marked a crucial milestone in the project, aimed at empowering youth workers and enhancing their skills in entrepreneurial education.

Here are the key details of the training activity:

  • Participants: The training activity brought together 14 dedicated youth workers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, and France.
  • Purpose: The training activity aimed to familiarize the participants with the content of the e-book, which is focused on activities related to social entrepreneurship and SDGs.
  • Methodology: Through hands-on practice, the participants actively engaged in the learning process, honing their skills, and acquiring the necessary attitudes to effectively utilize the e-book.
  • Project Objectives: The training activity played a vital role in achieving the project objectives, which include providing tools for youth workers to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, raising awareness of sustainable development, supporting capacity building in youth NGOs, and promoting social and economic inclusion for all.
  • Collaboration and Evaluation: The training activity fostered collaboration and knowledge exchange among the participants, enabling them to evaluate the effectiveness of the project tools and share their insights. This feedback will help us refine and improve our resources further.

Looking ahead, there are many exciting activities and initiatives on the horizon within the scope of the Didactic Mine project. We encourage you all to stay engaged and connected to be a part of this transformative journey.

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